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With Baron MSP, your Company gets to pay only for the computing power you’ll use. You won’t need to invest large amounts in hardware that might have to last up to three years. What’s more, you’ll get a resilient infrastructure that you can expand with more memory, CPU power or storage. We guarantee that we will reduce the pains of your IT overheads or your money back.



We are also offering the latest web design tchnologies at a special introductory price. For a limited period, we will analyse, design and build a responsive website to drive your business processes forward. We will host it for you for free. HURRY, while offers lasts. Additionally we are currently implementing website optimisation for international trade with UKTI export voucher (up to £3000) grants. To apply, go to the the UKTI voucher page UKTI Grants





Microsoft Federated Services

For your peace of mind, come to us for all Microsoft server solutions,


Our Services Include:

    Active Directory Design and setup
    Configure Group policy and troubleshoot policy issues.
    Installation and Configuration of the OS


    Active Directory Audit and Lockdown/ Server Recovery/ Server hardening
    Set up Terminal Server/VPN Setup
    WINS and DNS design and implementation and many more
    File Server Support


    Mail Server Design and Setup
   Mail Server configuration and optimisation

Big Data in Oil and Gas

Master big data to optimize the oil and gas lifecycle
Unleashing the power of data with information management and analytics (IM&A) solutions can enable oil and gas firms to use information strategically to reduce time to first oil, lower operating costs, and improve all areas of the oil and gas lifecycle.
Understanding and leveraging data in the upstream business segment enables firms to remain competitive throughout planning, exploration, delineation, and field development. The downstream segment depends on data to maximize production with regard to maintenance and forecasting. Fortunately, oil and gas companies have access to an abundance of valuable data in both upstream and downstream operations. Unfortunately, this information comes in various and increasingly complex forms, making it a challenge for energy firms to collect, interpret, and leverage the disparate data.
Baron MSP solutions can benefit oil and gas firms by:
Reducing time to first oil
Increasing the productivity of assets across their lifecycles
Applying advanced business intelligence and embedded analytics
Ensuring the right information is available to the workforce at the right time
Improving planning and forecasting results
Recognizing patterns in unstructured data
One way to accelerate decision-making is to link unstructured and structured data together to enhance pattern recognition that can improve the optimization of oil and gas operations. For example, real-time data inputs can be compared against patterns mined from a historical database through base analytics or enhanced visualization techniques. Companies are able to identify issues and root causes in massive volumes of information, then identify and implement appropriate actions that will treat the cause upon detecting the pattern, rather than waiting for a crisis to trigger action.
The challenge in exploration is to provide quick, seamless, and automated access to structured and unstructured seismic data for geophysical interpretation. This linkage enables geotechnical professionals to understand the context in which seismic surveys were conducted, and it makes supplementary information available in real time to support the decision-making process. Additional benefits are gained when well master data is integrated with unstructured information. Correlating seismic and well production data is critical to enabling unified production and profitability analysis.
Integrating and potentially mobilizing this information helps oil and gas firms optimize processes by providing collaborative information and integrating seismic data management with unstructured information. This supports data preservation, data quality, data accessibility, and real-time process refresh.
For clients performing seismic studies, Baron MSP and it's partners has gone a step further—supporting high fidelity seismic data capture by incorporating Baron MSP and partners accelerometers. These wireless self-powered accelerometers provide greater density of information, which results in increased visibility and clarity to support geotechnical analysis.
Development phase optimization includes overall asset development, product lifecycle management, and asset lifecycle management techniques—with a focus on reducing the duration of the development cycle. Optimizing the supply chain in support of development phase activities includes capturing and validating information for drilling, well development, facilities development, topsides development, geophysical data, and security efforts related to the access of control data. IM&A supports analysis of data by following or leveraging client or industry-based standards. Compliance with standards ensures information management capabilities are implemented and supportable over the long term.
Baron MSP and partners’s experienced IM&A professionals help clients focus on uptime and production optimization for both upstream and downstream operations. Oil and gas companies can identify appropriate signatures through the use of Baron MSP and partners-developed algorithms to analyze information from multiple control systems and data historians. These algorithms are then implemented in appropriate real-time control systems to act automatically, or support manual processes for intervention or process change.
Around the world, Baron MSP and partners works with clients to optimize results such as uptime with condition-based maintenance techniques involving the linkage and analysis of real-time operating data with asset maintenance and inspection data. The increased use of mobility solutions, whether based on common mobile devices or sophisticated machine-to-machine systems, provides another set of potential data streams for either analysis or condition-based monitoring activities.
In support of this, the trend toward an integrated operations model—providing common, standardized data for improved processes and enhancing the ability to detect, analyze, and show trends in operational data aberrations—helps to significantly facilitate optimizing uptime. For example, by leveraging a predictive/preventative model, oil and gas companies can better determine if a piece of equipment is degrading or requires inspection or maintenance, or should have its primary duty changed based on fatigue or power cycles.
Compliance and incident response
The increased web of local, state, and federal regulations that change and mature with increasing activity of nonconventional assets has increased compliance requirements across the oil and gas lifecycle. Documentation and the ability to show traceability across structured and unstructured information help demonstrate what activity happened and when, so it is clear when the energy firm has completed the steps necessary to avoid incidents, mitigate impacts, resolve problems, and prevent similar incidents in the future.
Comprehensive IM&A solutions for the oil and gas industries
To become one of tomorrow’s market leaders, oil and gas firms must unlock the value within the huge amounts of data they have. Baron MSP and partners can help these companies leverage the power of technology to capitalize on, not simply adapt to, challenges involving the management of this wealth of information. By implementing robust operational data stores for structured and unstructured information combined with powerful analytics platform capabilities designed to handle large volumes of streaming and historical data, firms can reduce time to oil and improve operational results.

Equal Opportunity


Equal opportunities policy and statement of intent
Bame Means Business Limited is mindful of its responsibilities to promote equality of opportunity and to avoid discrimination at all times.
The following statement outlines our policy and briefly explains how we are planning to achieve equality of opportunity within Bame Means Business Limited. This document should be read in conjunction with the diversity strategy. 
Policy statement
Bame Means Business Limited’s policy is:
  1. To ensure that no person applying for a job or contractual work is treated less favourably than another because of their race, age, colour, ethnic origin, religion, sex, disability or sexual orientation.
  2. To work towards staffing levels and Board representation which, reflects the ethnic composition of the local population and Bame Means Business Limited’s client group.
  3. To abide by the Race, Disability and Gender Equality legislation and to implement the provisions of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
  4. To make clients, staff and Board members fully aware of the above provisions and to make the Code of Practice available for inspection.
  5. To review practices and policies to ensure that discrimination does not exist.
Bame Means Business Limited’s Board is responsible for monitoring work in this area and for establishing policy.  Responsibility for implementing the policy in practical terms rests with the board and nominated manager.
Our action plan aims to:
Take appropriate measures to overcome communication difficulties and to ensure that information about Bame Means Business Limited is available to the community as a whole.
Identify the needs of ethnic minority groups in relation to the work of Bame Means Business Limited and to reflect these requirements in our development strategy.
Maintain ethnic monitoring records and establish targets against which performance will be monitored.
Provide guidance and training to staff and members on equal opportunities issues.
Pursue appropriate employment section policies in line with the Code of Practice in Employment.
Review policies and procedures to ensure that discrimination is eliminated.
To implement this policy Bame Means Business Limited will:
Regularly examine and review all existing procedures policies and criteria and change them where they are found to be discriminatory.
Ensure that the policy is known to all staff members and take appropriate action in accordance with agreed procedures should a staff member be found to have infringed it.
Challenge all forms of discrimination and harassment where they occur and promote and foster an environment which makes this possible.
Review this policy on an ongoing basis to ensure its effectiveness within Bame Means Business Limited.
The following behaviour will be considered inappropriate and unacceptable:
Acting in an aggressive, angry or abusive manner against an individual or group solely because they are black, a woman, a man, a member of an ethnic or national minority, a lesbian woman or a gay man, bisexual or transgender, have a disability, a particular political or religious belief or because of age or class. Racist, sexist or otherwise insulting remarks, jokes, name-calling or innuendo.
Bringing onto the premises insignia, publications or pamphlets that in any way support racial or sexual discrimination, or seeking to promote a negative stereotyped image of an individual or group.
If an incident of harassment or discrimination takes places within Bame Means Business Limited:
Support and counselling will be offered immediately for the victim.  Where the perpetrator is a client or visitor to Bame Means Business Limited, a member of staff will discuss the incident with the perpetrator, make available a copy of this document and either suspend them from the use of  Bame Means Business Limited’s premises and services or negotiate a contract for further use of these within the terms of this policy.  If suspension from the service occurs, the appropriate authorities or concerned professionals will be notified in writing.
Where the perpetrator is working on behalf of Bame Means Business Limited – either as a member of staff, sessional worker or volunteer – infringement of this policy will be dealt with in accordance with Bame Means Business Limited’s disciplinary procedure (see document on disciplinary procedures).
In managing any such incident, staff will bear in mind at all times the needs and concerns of all the children and clients present, whether directly affected or not.
Service Provision
Bame Means Business Limited will not operate services which discriminate against an individual or group solely because they are black, a woman, a man, a member of an ethnic or national minority, a lesbian woman or a gay man, bisexual or transgender, have a disability, a particular political or religious belief or because of age or class. 
Language Policy
Bame Means Business Limited’s services must be available to all – regardless of the linguistic requirements of service users.  This means endeavouring to recruit staff that are able to work in the languages of substantial service user communities and, where this is not possible, working with interpreters.
Materials relating to publicity, discussion or information should be made available in such a way that the contents are available to non-English-speaking communities and to those who are visually or hearing impaired.  Staff are required to ensure that this policy is carried out to the maximum possible extent, sympathetically and imaginatively, bearing in mind the times and resources that are available.
Contracts Compliance
Bame Means Business Limited will endeavour to ensure that contracts of all forms are within the spirit of this anti-discriminatory practice policy.  This will entail ensuring that anyone entering into any partnership agreement with us is also operating an equal opportunities policy concordant with ours.  In cases where such policies are not upheld by our partners Bame Means Business Limited may terminate the partnership.
Bame Means Business Limited is committed to being an equal opportunities employer.  
Bame Means Business Limited is committed to a recruitment process that actively encourages people from all communities to apply for posts.  
Advertising for posts will:
State the basic minimum requirements both in terms of qualifications and experience.
Indicate that Bame Means Business Limited will treat all applications equally.
Be placed where it is felt that the maximum numbers of interested people will be reached.
Be accessible and welcoming to those from minority groups – this may include placing advertisements in specific publications / places.
Job descriptions
All Bame Means Business Limited’s job descriptions will incorporate the following clause:
‘Workers will be expected to evaluate their work to ensure that it is in keeping with our commitment to anti-discriminatory practice’
Applications, short listing and interview procedures
Bame Means Business Limited will value all relevant experience and skills including those which are non-traditional or non-academic.
Where possible, Bame Means Business Limited’s short listing and interview panels will include a broad mix of people.
Bame Means Business Limited may invite an external consultant to advise on recruitment issues and/or sit on an interview panel.
Bame Means Business Limited will conduct an equal opportunities interview – asking all interviewees the same questions and scoring their responses against pre-arranged criteria.
Bame Means Business Limited will appoint the person who has demonstrated that they are the best candidate for the job. 
Bame Means Business Limited will regularly monitor its recruitment procedures to ensure equality of opportunity.  For each recruitment, Bame Means Business Limited will:
Record where adverts are placed
Issue all applicants with equal opportunities monitoring forms which state that Bame Means Business Limited is committed to offering equal employment opportunities.  Bame Means Business Limited will ask all candidates to complete this form.  
The information on the form will be used solely to review Bame Means Business Limited’s advertising and recruitment processes.  It will be made clear that Bame Means Business Limited will separate this form from the rest of the job application upon receipt.  
Only use the monitoring forms as described above
Keep records of the returned monitoring forms
Record who sits on the interview panel
Staff training and development
All staff need training to help them to develop their full potential and to equip them with the necessary skills to do their jobs.  Bame Means Business Limited will:
Discuss training and development in every line management session
Allocate the training budget in a fair and transparent way
Record all training received and review this on an annual basis to ensure equality of opportunity
Encourage all staff to share the skills and experiences they have with other members of staff, through both formal and informal training
Bame Means Business Limited recognises that the commitment we make to being an equal opportunity employer does not stop at the appointment of a worker.  These commitments should follow through the entire relationship between the employer and employee; they should relate to the way that the employment comes about, the position of the employee in relation to the management, colleagues, to service users and the job itself.
All volunteers will be recruited and trained within the spirit of this equal opportunities policy. Bame Means Business Limited recognises and values the experiences of people from all communities within Bame Means Business Limited’s area of operation.  This includes a commitment to encouraging the active involvement of those who have been discriminated against and traditionally excluded from positions of power and influence.  All volunteers are required to abide by this equal opportunities policy.
Bame Means Business Limited will ensure that Bame Means Business Limited’s Board, sub-committees and working parties recognise the experience of the whole community within the project’s area of operation.  Bame Means Business Limited is committed to encouraging the active involvement at all levels of Bame Means Business Limited of those who are under-represented and/or who have been discriminated against through their exclusion from positions of power and influence.  Bame Means Business Limited will make positive efforts to recruit to Board posts by targeting persons from Black and Minority Ethnic groups and from people with disabilities.
Monitoring and review of this policy
In order to keep the focus of equal opportunities and maintain updates, Bame Means Business Limited will adopt the following procedures:
The Senior Manager will provide an annual report to the Board on the implementation and effectiveness of this policy. This report will make recommendations in relation to the improvement of policy and or performance. 
All major items for discussion or implementation by the Board or working parties will, whenever appropriate, include a minuted consideration of the implications for equal opportunity of that particular item and suggested recommendations.
We will ensure that all Bame Means Business Limited’s users and referrers are aware that we have an anti-discriminatory practice policy which they can see upon request. Users of Bame Means Business Limited’s services who wish to complain about the operation of this policy are requested to do so in accordance with Bame Means Business Limited’s Complaints Procedure.  This procedure does not detract from or diminish the opportunities available to all to bring appropriate complaints to the notice of the Commission for Racial Equality or the Equal Opportunities Commission.
This policy is in accordance with the Equal Pay Act l970, the Sex Discrimination Act l975 and the Race Relations Act l976, which make it unlawful to discriminate on grounds of colour, sex, race, national or ethnic origin, or marital status.

About Us


As Baron MSP.The UK consulting company, with operations in the Europe, Baron MSP is a recognised leader in delivering proven business and IT strategies and solutions to European companies across many industries. 
With a balanced view of strategy, people, process and technology, we work with companies to understand their unique business needs, and to develop and implement practical business strategies and technology solutions. From business strategy development through application deployment, our consultants are committed to helping clients quickly realise measurable business value and achieve sustainable return on investment. 
Baron MSP's client base includes a significant percent of the SME/BMER as well as many leading mid-market companies. We offer a client-focused, collaborative approach and transfer knowledge throughout each engagement. For contact information  please call 02071939524
Integrated global business with “one team” approach:
Consistent competencies and structure across Europe Design-build-run through a unique delivery model Ability to deliver European solutions through European teams

Environmental Policy


Baron Managed Services minimizes impact to the environment in the definition, design, manufacture, support, and use of our 
solutions (products, activities, and services) by reusing, recycling, and adopting processes that conserve raw materials, energy, and water. Baron Managed Services is committed to:
Compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and other requirements to meet customer and community needs and expectations Promoting the prevention of pollution
Continual improvement of our environmental management system
Baron Managed Services has implemented various environmental activities to help minimize our impact on the environment and 
achieve our environmental objectives:
Waste Reduction and Recycling - Helps to make Baron Managed Services an environmentally responsible company by using the 
principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling.
Scrap Management - Uses Baron Managed Services's Internet capability to exchange excess components, materials, and 
equipment of all types. This program provides resources for the scrapping of any item, when necessary, in an environmentally sound manner.
Design for Environment (DfE) - Baron Managed Services is in the process of creating a DfE tool to be incorporated into the product design process. This program will also include Product Take-back and Restricted Substances policies.
Hazardous Materials Management - Ensures safe and proper management of hazardous materials and waste, including their handling, disposal, storage, and shipment, as well as ensuring compliance with company and legal requirements pertaining to the management of hazardous waste.
Energy Management - Focuses on improving energy efficiency in building design and construction, energy conservation best 
practices in existing and future facilities, reducing energy costs through long-term price contracts, identifying 
opportunities in new and innovative programs offered through utility companies and with local, state, and national 
agencies, and on continuously raising energy awareness among Baron Managed Services employees.
Alternative Transportation - Provides Baron Managed Services employees with the information, resources, and incentives to help them choose an alternative method of commuting to Baron Managed Services sites.



Recycling of Electrical & Electronic equipment (source: www.recycle-more.co.uk)
Recycling of Electrical and Electronic equipment
The WEEE regulations have been in force since 1st july 2007 which means that each eu member state no has a legal obligation to minimise the disposal of weee in landfill sites. 
The broad aim of the weee regulations is to address the environmental impacts of electrical and electronic equipment when it reaches the end of its life.
regulation 33
a) The requirement on each member state under article 2 of the directive to minimise the disposal of weee as unsorted municipal waste and to achieve a high level of collection of weee for treatment, recovery and environmentally sound.
b) The collection and take back systems available to them.
c) Your role in contributing to the reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery of weee under these regulations.
d) The potential effects on the environment and human health as a result of the presence of hazardous substances in eee and
e) The meaning of the crossed out wheeled bin symbol. 
We all have a responsibility to contributing to the reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery of weee under these regulations.
Baron Managed Services are obliged under these regulations to offer our customers free take-back of their WEEE on a like-for-like basis when you buy from us a new Electrical or Electronic product. 
For example, if a customer bought a new WEEE item from us we would accept their old WEEE item and prevent it going into a landfill site by disposing of it safely. Customers must return their WEEE item to us within 28 days of purchasing their new item.
Alternatively find your nearest recycling centre by going to www.recycle-more.co.uk then press bank locator and enter your postcode to find your nearest recycling centre.
Over 75% of waste electrical goods end up in landfill, where lead and other toxins contained in the electrical goods can cause soil and water contamination.



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