At Baron Managed Services Provider™ we have one all-consuming passion, to match exceptional talent with the very best job opportunities available.


Whether you are looking for a permanent career, a temporary job or to support your own recruitment plans, our team of qualified and experienced recruitment consultants are only a phone call away.




Baron Managed Services Provider™ specialises in all aspects of office based and industrial recruitment.

Our team focuses on the delivery of relevant recruitment services, designed to address your particular staffing objectives and strategies. Baron Managed Services Provider™  will provide you with a channel to one of the most innovative approaches to resourcing available in the UK market. Through a scalable programme, you will be positioned to engage a service that is configured specifically to you and your organisation. Baron Managed Services Provider™  takes a multi-faceted approach to delivery and resource management, including but not limited to:


•Project managed recruitment and master vendor programmes

•On-site resource management solutions

•Account managed temporary, permanent and contractor recruitment services