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With Baron MSP, your Company gets to pay only for the computing power you’ll use. You won’t need to invest large amounts in hardware that might have to last up to three years. What’s more, you’ll get a resilient infrastructure that you can expand with more memory, CPU power or storage. We guarantee that we will reduce the pains of your IT overheads or your money back.



We are also offering the latest web design tchnologies at a special introductory price. For a limited period, we will analyse, design and build a responsive website to drive your business processes forward. We will host it for you for free. HURRY, while offers lasts. Additionally we are currently implementing website optimisation for international trade with UKTI export voucher (up to £3000) grants. To apply, go to the the UKTI voucher page UKTI Grants








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Baron Managed Services Provider Authorized Resellers are focused on selling and supporting the entire Baron Managed Services Provider Product range. Locate one near you by calling 07428184733 or email


Training Providers are ready to deliver superior classroom or onsite training. Learn from the experts!


Technology Partners sell, support, and extend Baron Managed Services Provider products—providing solutions to expand your capabilities. 

Online Storage

Online Storage



Key Features of Online Storage with Baron MSP™
Map storage locally
Your partner can map your online storage on your desktops and laptops. This will make it appear as a local hard drive whenever you’re connected to the Internet.

Choose File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client
You can choose which FTP client you want to use, which will allow you to quickly upload and download files from the storage drives.

Choose web browser

It’s easy to transfer files to and from a local machine to your online storage using any of the main web browsers. on

Online Backup

Online Backup


Key Features of our Online Backup

Easy-to-use software

Software wizards guide you through set up. Your protection starts as soon as your partner’s installed the software and completed your first upload.


Automatic backups

You don’t need to remember to run backups, the software uploads changes and new documents on a regular basis.


Individual file recovery

You don’t need to download all your data to recover a file, you can choose to restore a single file.


Flexible recovery

You can restore your data from another computer if you can’t access your original server or computer. Your partner can simply download a new client and quickly restore your data to another machine.


Fast and efficient backups

The online backup service updates your backups with bit-level incremental changes, which results in significantly smaller uploads that save time on your bandwidth usage.


Choice of backup space


You can have up to 1TB of backup space. You can start small and increase capacity when you require it. 


Msp-DataCenter™ Applications

Run the applications you need on msp-DataCenter™. The platform supports the most popular Microsoft applications and a whole lot more too. Essentially, if an application runs on an on-premise server or network, it can run in Msp-Data Center.




Why choose a cloud service based on Msp-DataCenter™?
Choose to move parts of your IT infrastructure, or the whole thing, to the cloud. With Msp-DataCenter™, we can host:
Specific functions, such as backup Applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Operations, such as website services. Your entire IT infrastructure
Get the security your business needs to work in the cloud. You’ll get technology that protects your business and links your on-premise and hosted operations, including:
Virtual local area networks 
Virtual private networks
Pay for what you need, for as long as you need it. Our subscription payment options mean there’s:
No capital expenditure 
No hidden charges 
Just a transparent fee 
Download more information [link to download page] on Msp-DataCenter™
, or call us to find out how your business could benefit from cloud computing.
Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
Host applications, databases, IT services or even just websites on our high-performance virtual private servers. Built using Microsoft's Dynamic DataCenter and Hyper-V technology, our virtual private servers adapt to the changing needs of your business.
Dedicated Servers
Take control of fast and reliable hardware that's dedicated to your business. Configure a dedicated server with the hardware, software and operating system you want.
Network Services
Get the critical network components you need to take advantage of cloud services with Msp-DataCenter™. 
We can also provide your datacenter with power management.


Popular applications our customers run include:


Microsoft Exchange

Our partners can provide you with a resilient, hosted Microsoft Exchange platform that can scale to suit your business needs.


Microsoft SharePoint

Our partners can help you increase productivity and save time and money with Microsoft SharePoint. You can consolidate intranet, extranet and websites onto a single, hosted platform in Msp-DataCenter™ using SharePoint 2010.


Microsoft Dynamics

Our partners can help you connect with your customers better with a hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM service. You’ll also get more insight into your company’s performance. The service is available from msp-DataCenter™.


And many more...

You can run pretty much any application in the cloud*. With msp-DataCenter™, you get a secure cloud infrastructure that is suitable for almost every business need.


Want to run your applications in the cloud? 


Baron Managed Services is a Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller


As a Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller, Baron Manged Services can officially supply Microsoft licences, which include high levels of discounting, to qualifying customers in the education sector.


We offer a variety of Microsoft solutions to the UK education sector, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SharePoint, plus comprehensive supporting services. Baron Managed Services has delivered some substantial projects into UK colleges, training institutions, schools, universities and other educational establishments, passing on our expertise and of course discounted licences. It's not just mainstream education and learning providers that are entitled to the discounts either. A wide variety of institutions are eligible, for example boards of education, training companies, teachers, academic staff, students, and related institutions such as museums and libraries.


Since gaining our Authorised Education Reseller status we've implemented solutions for small learning providers, right up to a large public sector body with complex requirements and a high number of end-users. Baron Managed Services has found that Microsoft Dynamics CRM in particular is usually the CRM solution of choice for education providers. We've worked with a number of colleges that are using the product in specific departments, for example with employer engagement strategies, student alumni programmes, health and safety staff, as well as for their general CRM requirements.


To attain Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller Status, Baron Managed Services has to meet and has to maintain strict criteria set by Microsoft, including specific training and examinations.



We are also Microsoft volume Licensing Partner

Managed Firewalls

Managed Firewalls


The Managed Firewall Service is a managed version of the Virtual Dedicated Firewall. That means Baron will set it up and manage it, which leaves your IT team free to focus on other priorities. It's ideal for organisations that want to protect their networks from threats, such as malicious software and hackers, but don’t want to manage firewalls in house.


The Managed Firewall Service includes:

An initial telephone consultation with a Baron MSP™ network engineer to agree the security and design of your firewall 

The initial configuration of your firewall including the rules and that you decide on in your consultation 

24/7/365 telephone support and monitoring of your firewall 

Administration of your firewall and updates, including one free change to the configuration of the firewall per month 

Backups of your firewall configuration




Gives you peace of mind that your network is safe 

Saves employee time and allows you to focus on more strategic tasks 

Adds an expert IT resource to complements your in-house expertise 

Bespoke Firewalls

You can get a firewall that meets more specific requirements with a bespoke option from Baron. 



Virtual Servers

Network Servers

Dedicated Servers

Skype Status

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