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With Baron MSP, your Company gets to pay only for the computing power you’ll use. You won’t need to invest large amounts in hardware that might have to last up to three years. What’s more, you’ll get a resilient infrastructure that you can expand with more memory, CPU power or storage. We guarantee that we will reduce the pains of your IT overheads or your money back.



We are also offering the latest web design tchnologies at a special introductory price. For a limited period, we will analyse, design and build a responsive website to drive your business processes forward. We will host it for you for free. HURRY, while offers lasts. Additionally we are currently implementing website optimisation for international trade with UKTI export voucher (up to £3000) grants. To apply, go to the the UKTI voucher page UKTI Grants






Baron Managed Services Provider™ is your one stop solution provider. We are Microsoft Partners and have microsoft certified personnel who will work with you to leverage the licensing regime of Microsoft. We aim to save you and your money by only charging only the software you actually use.


The E5 Processor Family

Intel Xeon processor E5 family are built to be at the heart of today’s datacentres and enable powerful, versatile local and private cloud solutions. Intel gives you more built-in power management optimisation capabilities.


Servers with Rock Solid Reliability

Intel® Server products are completely customisable and offer the best in class design and uncompromising quality standards. Extensive testing and validation means you can trust them to perform. They have:


Rock Solid Reliability

Best in Class Design

Manufacturing Rigor

Lifecycle Management

Testing & Certification

Expand your Possibilities

Intel’s server range offers a flexible intelligent modular design and provides for over 100 unique SKU combinations from a single motherboard. Expand your possibilities with these brilliantly powerful and versatile server products.


Intel Server Continuity Suite

Intel® Server Continuity Suite is a business continuity software product featuring a single interface that intelligently integrates hardware management, virtualisation, server failover, storage, RAID and data protection management all tightly integrated and validated on Intel® server boards and systems. The newly designed, visually rich user interface provides the following capabilities; it gives customers one unified user interface to learn, schedule tasks, and set up alerting— all supported by a single vendor.

Buy from Intel Experts

Intel products are available worldwide through distribution partners, systems integrators and resellers. Intel only works with companies who have demonstrated dedication to growth and customer success. Our partnership gives us preferential product discounts, competitive price support on larger requirements and projects, access to Intel’s team of highly skilled pre and post-sales engineers and evaluation stock.

Hardware Break/Fix

Hardware Break/Fix


Does your business have shortage of experienced IT staff?



Does your IT System break down when you are doing business critical processesand you are helpless?


Does your business has no in-house staff or contingency to deal with system failure?


Can your business system survive a sustained virus attack?


Does your business have reliable out of hours cover?


Do you often engage in irregular or emergency repairs whenever there is a system fault?


If you answered "NO" to any of the above questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete the form below as soon as possible. Your business could be in DANGER of FAILURE



Benefits of the Baron Managed Services Hardware Break/Fix Solution 


Baron Managed Services provides you with a simple, prompt, one-stop maintenance solution for all ICT equipment. Our service ensures low, manageable costs, less negative impact to your business and increased end-user satisfaction now that major problems are a thing of the past. And there’s more: 

No problems about computer parts! Baron Managed Services provide all the parts you need for a low cost and ensures up time of systems in line with Service Level Agreements. 

A single point of contact for all your business issues.

Reduced downtime due to: accelerated problem resolution for business critical functions and assured  scheduled maintenance outages giving greater systems availability.

No need to set up vendor relationships, as you achieve cost efficiencies through our extensive partnership

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery


Key features of our disaster recovery service

Choice of restore sites

Restore data to customers’ on-premise systems or to hosted servers in Msp-DataCenter.



Low bandwidth requirements

Upload data initially by removable disk or a throttled approach that doesn’t affect your business operations. We compress and encrypt on-going synchronization and only upload incremental (delta) changes. No re-synchronization is required.


Continuous back up of data

Get your latest data from any location – ideal for remote office works. Rise’s disaster recovery service continuously backs up your on-premise data to our cloud infrastructure.


Secure dedicated repositories

Ensure your data is protected and confidential with a secure repository for your backups. Customers on the High Availability One Hour Restore service have dedicated mirrored servers.


Detailed management reporting

Gain visibility of data upload rates, file types and storage from your partner. They’ll have all the information they need to manage your business effectively.


Expandable storage

Expand the storage, memory or CPU power of your repository servers and mirrored servers as required.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility 


 Positive Change


At Baron Managed Services Provider, we are inspired by purpose-driven creativity. Through our technologies, software, and business practices, every day we enable people and businesses to progress their lives and businesses positively. We believe that everyone has the power to progress and that being productive is not confined to any one sector or profession.


BMSP CSR  guides how we operate our business, take on new products, and address pressing social and environmental issues. This is not new for Baron Managed Services Provider. Since day one, our core values have shaped our actions. Now, with the explosion of digital technologies, we see unprecedented opportunities to ignite positive change.


Through our global corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, we enable creativity, innovation, and collaboration among people inside and outside of Baron Managed Services Provider. We provide experiences and tools that unlock the power of people to address pressing education, environmental, economic, and social issues. We know that when Baron Managed Services Provider employees, customers, and partners work together, we can improve human experience.


"Create change" is woven throughout the interconnected focus areas and beliefs we use to share Baron Managed Services Provider's global CSR-related activities:




*For further information on Cisco’s product warranties visit www.cisco.com/en/US/products/prod_warranties_listing.html



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